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AHU debris screens

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Installing air intake screens onto air handling units will help to prevent larger debris particles from entering the air intake. Minimising the larger debris that enters the AHU with a debris screen will allow the primary air filters to work by remove smaller particulates. Therefore, installing an air handling unit debris screen will reduce the level of debris that enters the air filtration system.


As a result, this will consequently increase the life of your air filters which will lower the frequency of filter replacement as well as reduce maintenance time and costs.


Air handling units (AHU's) have disposable air filtration systems installed inside them. Air filters remove the airborne debris that is drawn through the air handling unit. These air filters can then deliver clean air into the process area.

When the fresh air intake is exposed, it is possible for debris to enter the air handling unit through the air intake. As a result, the air handling and air filtration system has to work harder to deliver clean air. As the air filters load, the static pressure differential across the air filters increases and the fan motor is required to work harder in order to maintain the correct airflow.


Benefits of Air Intake Screens


  • Reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Maximises efficiency of internal air filters
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Significantly extends pre-filter air filter life
  • Prevents clogging of condenser coils
  • Minimises clogging related efficiency drops
  • Reduces AHU & duct cleaning costs or requirements.


The HVDS free air handling survey provides comprehensive information about your air handling and ventilation systems.This will enable you to make calculated decisions with regards to air handling management and maintenance.

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