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Bespoke Fabric Ducting Systems

We provide a fully bespoke fabric ducting systems with tailored and precise positioning of air distribution holes. Consequently, the tailored design optimises of the air flow in your manufacturing environment. Fabric ducting and airsocks have the ability to increase the primary air flow-rate by almost 50 times than standard air ducting.


The flexible fabric design allows us to tailor the layout of the airsocks to accommodate your specific requirements. In addition, with a range of colours available, you can co-ordinate the fabric ducting and airsocks with your production.


The Benefits of Fabric Airsocks & Fabric Ducting Systems

Our fabric ducting consists of a continuation of air distribution holes. Air then flows through these holes enabling the production of a specific air-conditioned distribution and diffusion system called high induction.


No Condensation

The high induction effect prevents the moisture stagnation that usually results condensation development in the air ducts. As a result, this minimises the level of emitted air borne particles from moisture related bacteria.


Fast Installation

Due to their size and rigidity, most air ducting systems often require specialist transport arrangements for delivery. However, due to their lightweight design, fabric air ducts and air socks can be easily transported using standard delivery. Their lightweight construction also means that they require fewer fixings and assembling components, therefore making installation quick and simple.


Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Usually duct cleaning can be a time consuming and complicated procedure. However, all the HVDS fabric ducting systems can be easily cleaned without altering their characteristics or performance over time. Its as simple as removing, washing and sanitising them, and then replacing the air socks in their original positions. It has never been so easy to ensure compliance with your air hygiene requirements and regulations.


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With over 40 years of experience in air conditioning, air handling and air filtration systems, HVDS offer design, supply, maintenance and installation of fabric air ducts.


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