Our mission is centred on those that we serve, our customers, our employees and those in the community around us.

The HVDS mission is to be your food manufacturing air hygiene experts, and 'Your Trusted Partner in Clean Air'. While continually providing a quality range of air filtration and air handling products and services. Air hygiene products and services that out perform that of our competition, a range that works harder and better for the people we serve. Most of all, a quality of service that safeguards the business of today and the future.

Our Mission is to build quality trading relationships that award us with a unique position in the Food Industry. The position of your food air hygiene experts and preferred supplier of air filtration and ventilation products.

HVDS' Core Values

Furthermore, we base our mission on our core values of loyalty, honesty, integrity, openness and transparency. While creating and maintaining a principle centred environment of trust and accountability.

An environment that allows our customers, suppliers and our team, to succeed. Most of all, enjoying success in business, that promotes the conditions for a collaborative team effort of hard work.

HVDS' Mission 

  • Justify the investment
  • Reward results
  • Respect views
  • Embrace concepts and skill sets
  • Acknowledge weaknesses
  • Build stronger relationships;
  • And together win in the market place, in the work place and in personal space.

HVDS' Vision 

Our vision at HVDS is committed to being the leading supplier of air filtration and air handling products to the food industry. Our Vision is to provide a superior service, quality, customer experience and value for money. We are dedicated to giving our customers ‘100% compliance with confidence'.

View HVDS Services

View HVDS Services

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