Advantages of Fabric Ducting in Food Manufacturing

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It is essential that a food manufacturing facility operates adequate and efficient air handling equipment, this includes ductwork. Not only do the air ducts in a food factory help to reduce odours and vapours in areas where they may contaminate the production process, but they also provide fresh air supply and airflow to the employees.

Forced air distribution plays an integral part in the operation of food manufacturing, processing or packing. Fabric ducting systems or air socks are ideally tailored to suit your specific air handling needs.

This modern form of ductwork consists of a continuation of air distribution holes. The air that flows through these holes enables the production of a specific air-conditioned distribution and diffusion system called high induction. With the ability to allocate precise positioning of these air distribution holes, the tailored design optimises of the air flow in your manufacturing environment, which provides uniform thermodynamics and equally balanced air distribution in your food factory. They also increase the level of air mixing which minimises the air stratification effect, guaranteeing less maintenance and down-time from equipment failure.

food factory fabric ducts

Depending on the location, individual system construction and its environment, the fabric ducting systems have the ability to increase the primary air flow-rate by almost 50 times than that of standard air ducts. The flexible fabric design allows you to tailor the duct layout to accommodate your specific location and application requirements for your food manufacturing facility. In addition, with a range of colours available, you can co-ordinate the fabric ducting and air socks with your production.

Fabric ducts offer superior quality and a more cost effective range ducting. And with their with uniform air distribution you can easily maximise air efficiency and reduce costs related to air mapping and air handling.

The benefits and advantages of fabric ducting are not confined to the improved air flow and cost reductions. Thanks to their lightweight fabric design, they also offer other advantages and enhancements over the more traditional air ducts.

Advantages of fabric ducting



The micrometric control of the output air flow velocity (high induction effect), prevents the moisture stagnation in the ducts that usually results condensation development. This minimises air borne particles from moisture related bacteria that are emitted to the indoor environment from your air handling system.


Due to their size and rigidity, most ductwork systems often require specialist transport arrangements for delivery. However, due to their lightweight design, the fabric ducting systems can be easily transported using a standard delivery method. Their lightweight construction also means that the fabric ducts require fewer fixings and assembling components, therefore making installation quick and simple.


Usually duct cleaning can be a time consuming and complicated procedure. However fabric duct systems can be easily washed without altering their characteristics or performance over time. It’s as simple as removing, washing and sanitising the fabric ducting systems, and then replacing them in their original positions.
By ensuring an improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and an optimised air distribution, fabric ducts help to generate a healthier and more hygienic environment for your employees and manufacturing process within your food factory. Improved IAQ has proven to significantly increase labour productivity. increase labour productivity and reduce sickness related absence and the costs associated with the correlated downtime. They also guarantee stable and homogeneous air diffusion in all types of installation.

It has never been so easy to ensure compliance with your air hygiene requirements and regulations.

Specialists in Fabric Ducting

HVDS specialise in air filtration, extraction & ventilation. Our air quality services, air handling and air hygiene monitoring systems give you ‘100% food audit compliance’.

Providing you with clean air products and air handling services that focus on your cost and time saving. Giving you more time to complete value added maintenance.

The HVDS range of fabric ducts bring a superior quality and more cost effective range of air ducting to the food industry. With over 40 years of experience in air handling and air filtration systems, HVDS offer design, supply, maintenance and installation of fabric ducting.

If you require more information about fabric ducts, please contact us.

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