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Our technical team are not only highly trained in air handling and clean air products and services, but they also have the essential knowledge and experience of the requirements of the food manufacturing industry.

At HVDS we are all about what works for you!

Providing you with clean air products and food manufacturing air handling services that focus on your cost and time saving.

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At HVDS we focus solely on food industry HVAC. Providing high quality, energy efficient and high performance air compliance, air handling and food factory HVAC compliance. Whether you are a food manufacturer, a food processor or a food packer, we have the food industry HVAC knowledge, products and services to suit your requirements.

  • Your company is a food factory, food packer or food processor
  • You are engaged in food production, food manufacturing, food factory hygiene or related to the food industry
  • You are a key person involved in food production processes at your company
  • You're responsible for aspects of food factory HVAC hygiene, quality, safety and compliance
  • Clean air, air handling and air hygiene in your food manufacturing environment is high on your priorities
  • There are cost reduction targets to meet, possibly even targets that you set yourself!
  • Understanding of the air movement, air handling and air filtration in your food processing areas is very high on the priority list when it comes to food audit compliance
  • You are frustrated with unclear specification on your food factory air filtration
  • You have lack of clarity when it comes to your food factory HVAC system, air filtration, air hygiene or food manufacturing air handling program
  • You need more time to focus on 'Value Added Maintenance'
  • You want to spend less time on Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) like scheduled ventilation
  • You know that your food manufacturing, production or food processing can't stop
  • Your food manufacturing processes cannot be affected by poor ventilation, air hygiene and air filtration.
  • You are looking for ways to improve your food factory HVAC, air handling, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and air hygiene
  • You are sure that you deserve better value than what you are getting.

Whatever it is in the list above that describes you best, there is one thing that we are sure of. You are looking for ways to improve the air handling and the air quality in your food factory, food production or food processing environment.

At HVDS are all about working with you to construct a solution that helps you achieve, resolve or eliminate whatever it was that led you to us. Our focus is dedicated to food industry HVAC, including food manufacturing clean air, safety and air hygiene. Therefore, this allows us to fully understand your market and your individual requirements, particularly to remain food audit and hygiene compliant.

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Managing Director

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