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    Engineer fogging air handling unit

    AHU Fogging to Kill Virus Particles

    As part of its filtration level upgrade service, HVDS is fogging air handling systems with a market-leading solution called Naturama. Naturama is a hospital-grade cleaning agent that kills at least 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus. Furthermore, it is 100% food safe, meaning that it is suitable for use in food...
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    Grain dust

    Grain Dust: How to Protect Your Employees

    Grain dust can be harmful to human health. Employees working in certain industry sectors might be exposed to grain dust. These sectors include, for example, flour mills, food factories, animal feed mills, breweries, distilleries, agriculture, grain transportation etc. According to the Health and Safety Executive, “Grain dust is the dust produced fr...
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    HEPA filter media

    COVID-19 Filtration Level Upgrade

    Back to school. Back to work. Back to normal? Not quite. Since the end of lockdown, HVDS has been performing filtration level upgrades at a number of food manufacturing and commercial buildings across the UK. This is in response to the growing demand for virus-free air to keep the workplace environment safe. Coronavirus outbreaks among...
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    Wood dust which causes lung cancer

    Workplace Dust and Lung Cancer

    According to the World Health Organisation, “Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018”. And lung cancer accounted for 2.09 million cases. Furthermore, inhaling certain types of dust found in the workplace, over a long period of time, can cause lung cancer. These dusts include, for...
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    HVDS office

    HVDS Office Update – July 2020

    As we return to ‘normality’ in the HVDS office, it’s good to see many of our staff members coming back into work. It’s been a long and unprecedented few months and we are pleased to say that we have risen to the challenge and ridden out the storm. Furthermore, the atmosphere continues to be one...
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    Workplace dust - flour dust

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Workplace Dust

    It is well known that those who work with certain types of materials and products in the workplace can be at risk of ill-health due to the dust particles they emit. Here are 5 facts about dust, however, that you may not be aware of. 1. It’s Not Just Your Lungs That Are at Risk...
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    HVDS engineers pass their P602 theory

    HVDS Engineers Pass P602 Theory Exam

    Two members of our dust extraction department, Stephen Jackson and Christian Taylor, have passed their P602 theory exam. Now they just need to complete two case studies and they will be P602 qualified.  What is the P602? The P602 is a British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) local exhaust ventilation (LEV) training course in LEV Basic...
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    Before and after coil cleaning

    The Importance of Cleaning Your Coils

    Heating and cooling coils are a key component of air handling units (AHUs). They heat or cool the airstream to regulate air temperature and humidity in your manufacturing environment. Since coils are in the air flow path of your ventilation system, they can get blocked with dirt, pollen, dust etc. Coils blocked with debris can...
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    Melted chocolate

    Chocolate Challenges

    Chocolate is one of the most popular flavours the world over. Manufacturing chocolate or with chocolate as an ingredient presents its own challenges from an indoor air point of view. In this article, we take a look at a couple of those challenges and how HVAC systems can correct the manufacturing environment to create the...
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    AHU Air Filters

    What to Look for in an AHU Air Filter

    Choosing the right air filters for your air handling unit (AHU) will help keep your operation cost-effective, ensure food safety, keep the air your workers breathe clean and contaminant-free, save you money and prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system. We guide you through the most important considerations when choosing air filters. Designed for Ef...
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    AHU with air recirculation

    HVAC Considerations During & Post Pandemic

    This article is a summary of our whitepaper of 8th June 2020 on HVAC pandemic considerations for food production sites with regard to indoor air quality (IAQ) both during and post the COVID-19 outbreak. The guidance is of relevance to anyone with responsibility for food safety and the health and safety of employees and has...
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    Engineers cleaning ductwork to TR19 standards

    TR19 Ductwork and Kitchen Extract Flue Cleaning

    The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) TR19 regulations set out best practice for cleaning ventilation ductwork and kitchen extract flues. In fact, TR19 was developed in 1988, in order to “provide a safe working environment for staff; reduce fire risks; and avoid contamination of food preparation areas”. Since then, it has become the ...
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    Engineers cleaning ductwork to TR19 standards

    HVDS White Paper

    HVAC System Recommendations for Food Production Sites During & Post Pandemic Date: 8th June 2020Author: HVDS Ltd Abstract This white paper looks at considerations for food production sites with regard to indoor air quality (IAQ) both during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. The information provided is of relevance to food manufacturing and proces...
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    ILEVE accredited engineer

    ILEVE Membership Proves Competency of LEV Engineers

    According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE) “formed to promote the Science, Understanding, Education, Art and Practice of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineering”. ILEVE’s Aim ILEVE raises awareness of the importance of clean air and ventilation in the workplace. The organisati...
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    COLD AIR F-Series evaporative cooler

    How to Cool Your Indoor Environment Safely & Efficiently

    Many modern food production environments need to cool their indoor air for two main reasons: For the comfort of employees To protect food safety Not all cooling systems are the same. In this article, we look at evaporative coolers and why they provide the best solution for food manufacturers. We also introduce the HVDS COLD...
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    Humidity icon

    Humidity, HVAC and COVID-19

    With the first measures towards easing lockdown announced yesterday by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, manufacturers across the UK are looking at ways to get more of their employees back to work safely. Among issues of social distancing, PPE and hand hygiene, employers and site managers will need to take into account the humidity level in...
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    Engineer conducting LEV test

    LEV Test and the Law

    Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems remove hazardous dust, gas and fumes from the air to keep the air workers breathe safe. Consequently, the regular testing of systems will ensure they are functioning correctly. In this article, we look at the legal obligations of an employer with regard to LEV testing. Respiratory Diseases The symptoms of...
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    One of the AHUs on roof of food factory

    How Air Handling Units Work

    In this article we look at how a typical and simple air handling unit works, including each of its component parts. Where AHUs are Located Air handling units (AHUs) can be found in the roof void, basement or floors of a building and will serve a specified area of that building. One building will therefore...
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    How to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality in Food Production Areas

    Maintaining good indoor air quality on site is essential. It optimizes contamination control and ensures audit compliance. Furthermore, it improves the shelf life of your products and contributes to a safe working environment for your employees. Contaminants Without proper controls in place, air can be a source of contamination. It can act as a tra...
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    BESA accredited engineer completing cleaning record

    BESA Advocates More Rigorous Cleaning Regimes

    Hygiene and Facilities Managers have long understood the benefits of keeping their air handling units and ductwork clean. However, the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) says that air cleaning and associated hygiene regimes should become standard practice after the COVID-19 pandemic. Airborne Virus Transmission The World Health Organi...
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    The future of the food industry

    How the Pandemic Will Shape the Future of the Food Industry

    The coronavirus pandemic has put the food and drink industry to the test as it has risen to the challenge of feeding the nation. When the storm has passed, it is possible that new trends will become the norm. We take a look at the future of the food industry, including what post-crisis consumers might...
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    HEPA Filters

    The Role of HEPA Filters in Contamination Control

    While the World Health Organisation (WHO) is continuing to assess ongoing research on the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are recommending the use of HEPA filters in air handling units. This will help ensure the best level of protection for all. HEPA filters provide a final stage of air filtration in air handling units in...
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    News - fruit pickers

    Positive News Stories From The Food Industry: Friday 3rd April

    This last week has seen a continued massive effort from the food industry to replenish stocks of food in supermarkets following panic-buying in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK. We bring you the first of our round-ups of the most positive news stories about the food industry from the last week....
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    top tips for IAQ during COVID-19

    Top Tips for Maintaining Good IAQ in These Times

    The food industry is rising to an enormous and unprecedented challenge and remains resolute in its endeavours to feed the nation. At HVDS, we are here to support food manufacturers through these tough and testing times. We particularly want you to know that we are here, now as ever, to help with information and support....
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    healthy food

    Healthy Eating During Self-Isolation & Lockdown

    During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to prioritise our health and wellbeing. Whether we are adjusting to working from home, supporting vulnerable friends or family members, home-schooling (or simply trying to occupy) children, concerned about money…… eating healthily will help see us through. While food manufac...
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    coronavirus covid-19

    HVAC and COVID-19

    Last updated 20th April 2020 There is significant interest in the role that heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) play in the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). We tell you what you need to know, the implications and the steps you need to take. How COVID-19 Transmits from Person to Person First reported on 31st December 2019...
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    NEW: Weekly Tips

    Our new ‘Weekly Tips’ email gives you advice and tips direct from the experts to your inbox about how to maintain good Indoor Air Quality on site. These tips are based on over 40 years of providing clean air solutions and working with over 150 food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. Our tips are...
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    Holistic approach to IAQ

    Video: A Holistic Approach to Managed Indoor Air Quality

    In February, we attended Food Safety Europe 2020 in London. During the event, our Food Industry Air Filtration and Ventilation Consultant, Tony Carvell, gave a talk. The talk looked at the benefits of a holistic approach to managed indoor air quality. In addition, it dispelled a few myths about maintaining clean air on food production...
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    Our Continued Commitment to the Safety of Your Air Ventilation

    Updated: 16th March 2020 Our Reassurance to You During these unprecedented times, here at HVDS our priority is to protect the welfare of our customers and employees. In response to the potential spread of coronavirus, we are following the guidelines of Public Health England and NHS England, and at present, there is no impact on...
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    Myth Busted

    5 Indoor Air Quality Myths

    Having dealt with customers the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, we have found there are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to maintaining Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on site. As food safety is of paramount importance, reducing spores, microbes, dust and other sources of airborne contamination should be part of an...
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    Free air handling survey

    Come and See Us at Foodex!

    Foodex is just around the corner and preparations are well underway for our stand at the NEC, Birmingham from 30th March to 1st April. This year, we have a 7 x 7m stand (J201 in Hall 20) and will be exhibiting a range of our audit compliant services, including air filtration, dust extraction, system hygiene...
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    Filter cartridge - one of our dust spares

    Dust Spares Business Grows

    Our dust spares supply and installation business is booming. Customers want to be able to order the dust spares they need and have them fitted by trained engineers. At HVDS we do just that. Our range of high quality state-of-the-art dust spares are designed for use in all makes and models of dust/fume/oil/mist extraction equipment....
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    AHUs for the Food Industry – What Makes Them Different?

    In food production sites, environmental air must be of a specified quality in terms of temperature, particle concentration and humidity. Additional controls are required for the manufacture of certain products and for high care production areas, in order to reduce the risk of contamination. Controlling the properties of indoor air can help to reduc...
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    HVDS at Food Safety Europe 2020

    Food Safety Europe Success

    It was a long day and we got up very early to attend (4am!) but Food Safety Europe 2020 was as useful, relevant and informative and as we had hoped. If you have any sort of responsibility for food safety in your organisation, you might want to consider attending this event next year. It’s a...
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    In the Spotlight: Darren Carvell

    HVAC and Dust Extraction Consultant, Darren Carvell, has been working at HVDS for almost two years. We interview Darren to find out more about him and understand what makes him tick. What is your role at HVDS? I help to look after customers on the supply side of the business. I also work with new...
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    20% off Food Safety Europe 2020

    Get 20% Off Food Safety Europe 2020 Tickets

    Since we are speaking as a Thought Leader at Food Safety Europe 2020, we are able to offer you 20% off a ticket to the event. Food Safety Europe 2020 takes place on Wednesday 12th February at County Hall in London. It is a BRCGS event for food safety professionals and all those who are...
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    Annual Survey 2019 Results

    Annual Survey 2019 Results

    Thank you to all who completed the HVDS Annual Survey about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Your responses help us to understand even better the market for air filtration and ventilation in the food industry. Here are the Annual Survey 2019 results. Number of AHUs Almost three quarters of respondents have between 1 and 20 Air...
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    Shooting corporate video

    HVDS Engineers Star in Film!

    This week we filmed our new corporate video on location at customer premises. We captured footage of our engineers doing what they do best, such as testing LEVs, changing air filters, conducting surveys, cleaning ductwork, maintaining air socks, monitoring workplace air and inspecting air handling units. The video was shot at a UK food factory...
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    What Lurks Inside Your Ductwork?

    You could be forgiven for thinking that your ductwork is as clean as a whistle. After all, it looks it from the outside, doesn’t it? But HVDS engineers, who have helped customers the length and breadth of the country, know that external appearance can be deceptive. Our Hygiene Team have removed a variety of substances...
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    What 2020 Has in Store For HVDS

    2019 was a very busy and successful year for HVDS and 2020 will see us building on that growth. Here is what is in store for the company this year. New Members of Staff We welcome Christian Taylor, who joins our dust extraction team as Projects and Contracts Engineering Manager. Christian will be helping customers...
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    HVDS Will be Exhibiting at Foodex 2020

    We are delighted to be attending Foodex again this year! Foodex 2020 is the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink industry and is aimed at manufacturing professionals in the processing, packaging and logistics industries. It takes place from 30th March to 1st April 2020 at the NEC in Birmingham. As a real...
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    Christmas Jumper Day 2019 at HVDS

    Today, we set out to “make the world better with a sweater”. We put on our best Christmas jumpers, Santa hats and sparkly accessories to help raise money on Christmas Jumper Day 2019 for Save The Children. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed dressing up for the day and helping to make a difference. If...
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    Thank you on winter background

    End Of Year Best Wishes & Thank Yous

    We would like to thank all our customers for their continued business and support over the last year. Thank you also to our dedicated staff, who continually go the extra mile to always deliver the best service possible. 2019 has been a year of massive growth for HVDS with an increasing number of contracts with...
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    Christmas food

    A Celebration of Christmas Food

    Since the majority of our air filtration customers are in the food industry and their production is currently in full swing for Christmas, we thought we’d take a look at the history of some of the traditional fare we eat here in the UK over the festive season. We were surprised to find that a...
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    HVDS Risk Assessment – A Framework For Compliance

    We often find that people don’t understand what their obligations are with regard to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on site. This can apply to anyone responsible for clean air in a production facility – Factory Managers, Operations Managers, Engineering Managers and Hygiene Managers alike. Furthermore, different areas of a production facility (pack...
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    AHU benefits from cleaning

    Get Ahead: Book Your New Year AHU System Clean Now

    After handling an increased volume of production in the run-up to Christmas, many food and beverage manufacturers turn their attention to some routine cleaning and maintenance early in the new year. Air handling systems, in particular, can benefit from a bit of TLC, and at HVDS, we recommend a review of requirements, followed by a...
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    A Focus On Staff Training

    At HVDS, we take staff training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) very seriously for all employees, from office staff to our engineers who are mainly out on the road visiting customer sites. Each member of staff has a Training Plan, which is regularly monitored and reevaluated to ensure that staff have the knowledge and skills...
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    Welding fume

    HSE Revises Guidance Regarding Welding Fume

    Why Has Welding Fume Guidance Been Revised? In February this year, HSE issued a safety alert about a change in control requirements for exposure to welding fume, including fume from mild steel welding. This was as a result of new scientific evidence from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that exposure to mild welding...
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    Annual survey pie chart

    HVDS Annual Survey 2019

    Aim of the Annual Survey The HVDS Annual Survey aims to give us a better understanding of our customers’ air filtration and ventilation requirements. And this market research will allow us to tailor our service to the needs of our customers, providing them with an even better service, as well as keeping us ahead of...
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    Food Factory Powder Explosions and How to Prevent Them

    This article looks at the combustible nature of powdered food substances and how to prevent explosions. The Danger of Ingredient Dust and Powder One of the most overlooked aspects of working with ingredients in a food production facility is that some ingredients can cause explosions. These substances include, for example, flour, sugar, dried milk, ...
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    Avetta accredited logo

    We Are an Avetta Accredited Supplier

    HVDS is an Avetta accredited supplier. Avetta, formerly PICS Auditing, is an organisation for companies that need formalised supplier pre-qualification to ensure that those contractors conform to health and safety, environmental and other legislation in order to minimize risk, maintain a safe environment and reduce organisational liability. Avetta ...
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    Discussing customer confidence success on video

    Team Discuss Customer Confidence Success On Video

    In a week when we engaged a film company to produce a new corporate video for our website, we also found ourselves shooting a video with professional training and coaching company, Objective Assessment, about how our customer-focused sales cycle has further raised customer confidence in HVDS and the services we provide. ‘Stars of the screen’...
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    Food Safety Europe 2020 logo

    HVDS is Speaking at Food Safety Europe 2020

    We are delighted to be speaking as a ‘Thought Leader’ at the BRCGS Food Safety Europe 2020 conference on 12th February. The one-day conference, which will be held at Etc Venues County Hall in London, will be examining European food safety management in food manufacturing, food service and retail environments. Having attended Food Safety...
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    5 Fabric Ducting Tips for Optimum Indoor Air Quality

    Fabric ducting is a versatile and more efficient alternative to metal ducting in food production plants. As well as being easy to install and configure to a bespoke layout, they can increase the primary air flow rate compared with standard air ducting. But how to get the most from your air socks? We look at...
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    Air socks in food factory

    Air Sock Hygiene for Food Manufacturers

    Our food production customers enjoy the many benefits of fabric ducting. Fabric ducting, or air socks are: Fast to install due to their lightweight design, More efficient, having the ability to increase the primary air flow-rate by almost 50 times that of standard air ducting, and Flexible, so their layout can be tailored to accommodate...

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