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Our Industrial Evaporative Cooler Systems are specifically designed for your food manufacturing and processing environment. Our professional, trained installation engineers will ensure air handling unit design, supply, fitting and maintenance.

Please contact our highly experienced technical team to discuss your air handling expectations and requirements. Once we have a better understanding of your business, we will arrange a free site survey and assessment of your facility to ensure we provide the best solution for your needs.

Industrial Evaporative Cooler System

To improve the quality of the air of a working area it is necessary to change the air frequently with filtered, cool air. In large buildings such as industrial plants, or food processing plants, an Evaporative Cooler System may be advisable.


The HVDS evaporative cooling system is an excellent solution for industrial spaces. Simply put, it works via the following simple concept: 


The air passes through special wet filters and so loses part of its heat thanks to evaporation of the water and therefore reduces the temperature.

The Benefits of Evaporative Coolers


Evaporative cooling is fast becoming a popular alternative to air conditioning systems as it is able to meet the demands of facility cooling, without the associated high running costs. It also features these advantages:


  • Air cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Discrete operation in different parts of the room
  • Low cost installation and maintenance 
  • Low energy consumption - The absence of refrigerators allows for minimum consumption of energy and allows many air changes to occur at very low cost.
  • No pollution
  • Improves employee working conditions


Evaporative coolers are a cost effective solution for space cooling and ventilation at a substantially lower running cost than traditional air handling units with chilled water or refrigerant gas cooling medium.


Please contact our highly experienced technical team to discuss your air handling expectations and requirements.


The Industrial Evaporative Cooler System survey provides comprehensive information about your air handling and ventilation systems.This will enable you to make calculated decisions with regards to air handling management and maintenance.

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