Activated Carbon Cell Filters

Carbon Filtration and Activated Carbon Filters
Type: Carbon Cell Filter

As part of the Carbon Filters range from HVDS, we can supply and install the Activated Carbon Air Filter.


The Activated Carbon Cell Filter is designed for use in HVAC air handling systems and provides a higher level of air filter efficiency in your air handling system. They are usually installed in ducted air systems.

These Activated Carbon Air Filters are made up of a series of mounted carbon panel filters within a sealed case.


The Carbon Cell Filters can be used for both supplying and purifying air, as well as odour control of incoming air. Furthermore, they can be used on the extract to remove odours and toxic gasses, for example, Kerosene exhaust fumes, smoke, Formaldehyde and acid gases.


For more information, to discuss an order or installation of an Activated Carbon Air Filter or to request a datasheet, please contact us.

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