Rigid Bag Filter RB49 F9

Air Filtration and HVAC Rigid Filters
Type: F9 EN779 (RB49)


As part of the HVAC F9 Rigid Filters range from HVDS, we can supply and install the F9 Rigid Bag Filter.


The F9 Rigid Pocket Filter is designed for use in HVAC systems and provides a higher level of efficiency within your air filtration system.


This HVAC Rigid Bag Filter is made up of glass fibre paper filter media that is fixed into a high quality rigid construction plastic frame. The EN 779 F9 classification air filters have a smaller dimension, making them Ideal for compact applications in HVAC systems. In addition, this F9 Rigid Bag Filter has a longer clogging time than the standard flat pocket air filters, therefore provides a lower risk of loss from clogged air ducts.


For more information please download the data sheet. Alternatively to discuss an order or installation of an F9 Rigid Bag Filter RB49, please contact us.

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