Grease Mesh Filter

Food Manufacturing Extraction & Air Filtration
Type: G2 – G3 EN779 (MG/MS)

HVDS can supply and install the kitchen extract filter or Grease Mesh Filter for your food manufacturing environment.

These galvanised grease mesh filters or kitchen canopy grease filters are a kitchen extract filter & are designed for food manufacturing extraction and industrial kitchen extraction systems. Working to reduce grease or moisture from the cooking area and limit the grease build up in the ductwork and food manufacturing extraction system.

This Kitchen Canopy Grease Filter consists of a strong and rigid construction with a galvanised or stainless steel frame, with a knitted wire mesh air filter pad, which is graded for maximum grease retention with retaining mesh facings fitted to both sides.

For more information, to discuss an order or installation of Grease Mesh Filters or to request a datasheet, please contact one of our technical team.

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