High Temperature Rigid Cell DeepPleat HEPA Filters

Hi-Temp HEPA Filter and HVAC Air Filters

Type: Rigid Cell DeepPleat High Temperature HEPA Filter M5-M6 and F7 EN 779 (HTRC5-8)


HVDS can supply and install the High Temperature HEPA Filter: Rigid Cell Filter (HTRC5-8).


The Rigid Cell High Temperature HEPA Filter from the HVDS HVAC filters range, is designed for use in HVAC systems in high temperature environments. It offers superior performance over standard panel filters.


This DeepPleat HEPA Filter is made up of galvanised aluminium and glass microfibre filter media that is laminated onto an expanded metal grid.


Offering low pressure drop, they can be used for pre-filtration in addition to main filtration. The Hi-Temp HEPA filter is suited to temperatures up to 300°C, also for use up to 90% Relative Humidity (RH).


For more information about the DeepPleat High Temperature HEPA Filter or to request a datasheet, please contact us.

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