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Maxsorb Carbon Filter

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Type: Maxsorb Activated Carbon Air Filter

As part of the Carbon Air Filters range from HVDS, we can supply and install the Maxsorb Activated Carbon Air Filter.

The Maxsorb Carbon Filter is a high activity carbon filter and is installed for use in general air treatment applications.These Activated Carbon Air Filters are a proven product used by many customers for the odour control. For example, these activated carbon filters provide odour control in food production as well as industrial cooking environments.They are suited to the removal of organic compounds in industrial processes and extraction systems.

For more information please download the data sheet. Alternatively to discuss an order or installation of an Maxsorb Activated Carbon Filter, please contact us.

Maxsorb PXG is medium high activity carbon filter for use in general air treatment applications.
Manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of anthracite coal, to produce a high quality carbon, that is exceptionally hard and resistant to mechanical breakdown.
Maxsorb carbon filters have a high proportion of micropores enabling the efficient adsorption of a range of organic contaminants present in air and gas streams with optimum capacity. Maxsorb PXG is a proven product used by many customers, for the treatment of odours and is particularly suited to the removal of organic compounds associated with industrial processes and extraction systems.
NOTE: The technical characteristics referred to the air flow, the air crossing velocity, the pressure drop, the filter media quantity and the weight depend on the quantity and the specific pollutants to be filtered.

  • Strong and rigid construction that permits an easy and quick installation
  • Compact profile with metal or plastic cylinder shells
  • High filtering surface and long deodorisation
  • Increasing efficiency during the utilisation
  • Minimal product degradation giving low pressure drop
  • High adsorption capacity, longer life
  • Maximum fill weight per filter
  • Extensive pore structure

Air cleaning systems for the removal of heavy odours arising from cooking processes. Air conditioning systems for offices, hospitals, theatres, shopping malls, in which the absorption of gaseous pollutants and organic vapours of different origin is required.

  • Activated Carbon Cartridge with granular carbon – steel / plastic cylinders and cells – standard or impregnated capacities



CTC Adsorption



Surface Area



Bulk Density

(g cm_³)


Loose filled density

(g cm_³)


Moisture Content









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