Creating a clear view of the air handling systems you have, their capabilities and performance

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Air handling surveys and air management reports highlight the conditions of the air handling system.

Air handling surveys and air management reports are essential to air handling system maintenance. Especially when areas of food production or food processing need to change to meet customer demands.

The HVDS air handling surveys and reports service is all about understanding your current air handling system. The information that is provided in our air handling reports enables you to make calculated decisions with regards to AHU maintenance.

All of the HVDS air handling surveys and air management reports are tailored to meet your requirements. In addition, all of our surveys are backed by extensive reporting and images during the investigation.

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Benefits of Air Management Surveys

The air mapping and ventilation of a food factory or food manufacturing environment is crucial. It is recommended that the positioning of air vents, fans and extraction units is determined for effective air hygiene management. The locations of the air handling equipment need minimise airborne contamination.

Air handling systems help to reduce the cross contamination caused by airborne impurities. They are also important to ensure efficient air filtration and distribution. When an HVAC system is not maintained it has to work harder. Research shows that when a system is running efficiently, up to 40% less energy is used and that saves you money.

If an air handling system is not operating to its highest capability it can impact on the air handling equipment service life. Furthermore, it has the potential for more serious problems later down the line.

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