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5 Indoor Air Quality Myths Busted

Establishing Best Practice For Air Movement and Volume

Air mapping and ventilation mapping trace the movement of air through your food factory. Understanding the distribution of air in a food manufacturing environment is essential for air hygiene management. 

The results of the air mapping help to establish best practice for maintaining positive air pressure, air movement and air volume in each specific area of your production facility. This helps to ensure the correct air distribution for production processes and employees alike. Good ventilation mapping also works to remove the heat imposed by the processes and people within a food factory. As a result, effective air mapping and ventilation mapping also helps to maintain an effective working temperature.

Air mapping can either be performed through the entire plant or just specific areas. An air and ventilation mapping survey will help determine the best positioning of air vents, fans and extraction units for maximum air hygiene efficiency and to minimise airborne cross contamination.

Ensuring the Correct Distribution of Air in Different Areas

The air distribution requirements are often different in high care areas to the requirements in low care areas. Understanding the air distribution and air mapping is essential for air hygiene management in all areas, as it supports production processes and personnel. 

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Sample of Air Mapping Report
Sample of Air Mapping Report
Air Handling Ductwork in Food Factory
Air Handling Ductwork in Food Factory
Air Changes Per Hour Calculation on Sample Air Mapping Report
Air Changes Per Hour Calculation on Sample Air Mapping Report
Ventilation Ducting in Food Factory

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