Air moves invisibly.
Air mapping it makes your air distribution visible.

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Air mapping and ventilation mapping traces the movement of air and the air handling in a factory.

Establishing the best air distribution and extraction ensures a good supply level of fresh air. Good ventilation mapping also works to remove the heat imposed by the processes and people within a food factory. As a result, effective air mapping and ventilation mapping also helps to maintain an effective working temperature.

Air mapping can either be performed through the entire plant or just specific areas. Air mapping and ventilation mapping evaluates the best practice for air movement and volumes.

Importance of Air Mapping and Ventilation Mapping

Understanding the air distribution and air mapping in a food manufacturing environment is essential for air hygiene management. It is also important that the air mapping and ventilation mapping is maintained to suit high care and low care areas. Air mapping is also critical to ensure the correct air distribution to support other production processes and personnel.

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