Indoor Air Quality is important
Clean air matters

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Our extensive air testing and air monitoring services analyses your air quality.

Clean and healthy air is essential for your personnel, manufacturing and processes. Our air testing and air quality monitoring service collects samples of your air, followed by a laboratory study to asses your IAQ.

HVDS offers comprehensive indoor air quality testing (IAQ) and air hygiene analytical services for the Food Industry. Our experience and expertise of talented and trained professionals enable us to provide air quality monitoring services.

We perform indoor air testing of your food factory or manufacturing facility and provide you with a detailed analytical air monitoring report. Furthermore, we will provide tailored recommendations to improve your indoor air quality and meet your production requirements.

Air Monitoring Requirements for Audit Compliance

The indoor air quality (IAQ) in a food manufacturing or food processing facility must meet certain requirements. These requirements are outlined in food hygiene and air hygiene audits and inspections.

A good level of indoor air quality (IAQ) is important to reduce contamination through the air distribution systems. It has also proven to better employees' health and considerably boost labour productivity.

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