Helping You Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

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Helping You Maintain Consistently Good IAQ

Indoor air contamination comes in many forms. For example, bacteria, dust, allergens, spores and virus particles can negatively affect both your food manufacturing process and your employees. HVDS offers comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) testing  and air hygiene analytical services for the food industry to keep your processes and employees safe.

We will collect samples of your air and a laboratory study will analyse its composition. We will then provide you with a detailed air monitoring report containing tailored recommendations to improve the quality of your air to meet your production and audit requirements. 

Regular air monitoring ensures that the correct level of air quality is maintained. Consistently good IAQ helps to ensure food safety and is vital for employee health and wellbeing.  It has also proven to better employees' health and considerably boost labour productivity.

Keeping Your Air Audit Compliant

The IAQ in a food manufacturing or food processing facility must meet certain requirements, in order to reduce cross contamination through the air distribution systems. These requirements are outlined in food hygiene and air hygiene audits and inspections.

We will upload your testing and monitoring reports to our eFUSION™ customer portal, so that it is easily accessible at any time and from anywhere. Find out more about our eFUSION™ portal here

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Audit Compliance Made Simple

Access your service reports at any time, from anywhere in the HVDS eFUSION™ portal

 All system data and documentation is uploaded to the portal so you can view it 24/7 from your electronic device.

Reports include air quality and air audit reports, air filter change out reports, cleaning reports (with 'before and after' images) and plant survey reports.

You also have real-time access to your schedules, work in progress and technical data. All there for you at the touch of a button to make food hygiene and air quality audits more manageable.

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View HVDS Services

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