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Professional & Accredited System Cleaning Engineers


Our air handing and local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system cleaning services are proven to significantly improve your air hygiene and minimise the potential for airborne contamination.


Our BESA trained air hygiene engineers provide a professional and reliable cleaning service for your entire air handling system. We will clean your air handling unit from the supply right through to the fresh air intake. Our metal and fabric duct cleaning is carried out to TR19 standards and includes cleaning of the air discharge points and all equipment in line. The service includes full electrical and mechanical checks. Similarly, we will check, test and clean all parts of your dust extraction system to ensure it works as efficiently as possible to remove hazardous substances from your indoor air. 


Recommended Frequency of Cleaning


Air handling units should be cleaned every 6 months at a minimum, in line with the BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8, and LEV systems should undergo a thorough examination and test (TExT) every 14 months by P601 trained engineers, in accordance with HSE recommendations. 


Comprehensive Cleaning Service


Our air system cleaning services include: 

  • Supply air ducting, ductwork and air handling unit cleaning
  • Oven flue ventilation and extraction cleaning
  • Fabric ducting cleaning
  • Cleaning of perforated air distribution ducting
  • Chiller and heater battery cleaning
  • Ductwork repairs and maintenance
  • Cleaning of dust extraction unit, LEV system and associated ductwork
  • Evaporative cooling systems

How Regular Cleaning Protects Your Brand & Employees


The whole food industry is centered around perishable products that can at some stage be affected negatively by bacteria. Consequently, in the manufacturing and processing of food products airborne particles can be carried to production areas through the air handling system and ductwork, potentially leading to cross contamination. These airborne particles can include product and packaging debris, bacteria and virus particles.


Furthermore, the build-up of dust, dirt and grease in air ducts can result in significant health & safety issues due to potential fire hazards and poor performance of the equipment. Reduced effectiveness of an extraction system, can also impact equipment service life. 


Regular system cleaning, repair and maintenance helps prevent the build-up of dust, product, condensate and pathogens to keep your indoor environment safe - protecting your brand, your process and your profit.


For specific information about fan repairs and maintenance, click here


Read more about ductwork cleaning and air handling system cleaning here.


System Surveys for Your Peace of Mind


Air handling system cleaning surveys also highlight the condition of your system. Our camera probe will reveal the condition of your ductwork and highlight any necessary remedial actions  that would have otherwise gone undetected.  To book a FREE system survey, click here


Full Reporting With Before & After Photos


After each cleaning, repair or maintenance job on site, HVDS will upload a full report of the work undertaken onto our eFUSION customer portal. And we include before and after photos as standard, every time. This means you have a complete and instantly accessible record for audit purposes and internal use. For more information about our eFUSION portal, click here.


If you require more information about the HVDS HVAC system hygiene, repair and maintenance services, or if you would like some advice, please contact us. 


Before and After Photos From Recent HVDS Customer Cleaning Work 

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Cleaning Ductwork With Rotary Brush
Cleaning Ductwork With Rotary Brush
Ductwork Cleaning With Rotary Brush
Ductwork Cleaning With Rotary Brush
Some of the HVDS Engineers' Cleaning Equipment
A Selection of the HVDS System Cleaning Equipment
Engineer updating cleaning record label
Engineer Updating Cleaning Record Label
Engineering inspecting interior of ductwork with camera probe
Engineers Inspecting Interior of Ductwork With Camera Probe

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Audit Compliance Made Simple

Access your service reports at any time, from anywhere in the HVDS eFUSION™ portal

 All system data and documentation is uploaded to the portal so you can view it 24/7 from your electronic device.


Reports include air quality and air audit reports, air filter change out reports, cleaning reports (with 'before and after' images) and plant survey reports.


You also have real-time access to your schedules, work in progress and technical data. All there for you at the touch of a button to make food hygiene and air quality audits more manageable.

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