Fully traceable & auditable ductwork cleaning & air system cleaning services.
HVDS reports come with before & after pictures as standard.

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Professional & Trained Ductwork Cleaning Engineers

Our professional and reliable ductwork cleaning and air system cleaning services are proven to significantly improve your air hygiene and minimise the potential for airborne contamination.


The HVDS trained air duct cleaning engineers provide a professional and reliable ductwork cleaning services for the entire air handling system, from the supply right through to the fresh air intake. Our ductwork cleaning service also includes cleaning of the air discharge points and all equipment in line.


Our air system cleaning services include: 

  • Cleaning of supply air ducting, ductwork and air handling units
  • Oven flue ventilation & extraction cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust TR19 duct cleaning
  • Cleaning of dust extraction unit & associated ductwork
  • Fabric ducting cleaning
  • Cleaning of perforated air distribution ducting
  • Chiller and heater battery cleaning
  • Ductwork repairs and maintenance

The whole food industry is centred around perishable products that can at some stage be affected negatively by bacteria. Consequently, in the manufacturing and processing of food products there are plenty of opportunities for various airborne particles to be emitted to the indoor environment through the air handling system and ductwork.


The build-up of dust, dirt and grease in air ducts can result in significant health & safety issues due to potential fire hazards and poor performance. Reduced effectiveness of an extraction system, can impact on equipment service life. Furthermore, it has the potential for more serious problems later down the line.


Air system hygiene is controlled by regular ductwork cleaning (and disinfection). This helps to prevent the build-up of dust, product or condensate that may provide a focus for microbial growth. Without regular and AHU & duct cleaning, air will pass through the polluted duct carrying bacteria onto or around the food process areas.


Air handling system cleaning surveys also highlight the condition of the ductwork. Condition reports can help to manage any necessary repairs that could go unnoticed. Read more about the why ductwork cleaning and air handling system cleaning is so important in the HVDS whitepaper.


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The HVDS free air handling survey provides comprehensive information about your air handling and ventilation systems.This will enable you to make calculated decisions with regards to air handling management and maintenance.

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View HVDS Services

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