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HVDS FUSION™ Air Management Services 

HVDS FUSION™ is a fully integrated air handling and air management services package that is tailored to your requirements. Our FUSION™ services are designed to improve filtration, plant conditions, working environments and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Furthermore, they promise to save on energy, improve efficiency, and reduce stocking and downtime.

We understand that every food manufacturing or food production environment is different. Therefore the HVDS FUSION™ Air Management Service Packages are available on 3 levels:


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HVDS air handling engineers will visit your site and discuss your air handling and air hygiene requirements. We will perform a survey of the existing air handling unit and air ventilation plant, and will then check, record and report on existing air filtration and cleanliness of the plant.

This report will provide you details of improvement opportunities, including energy saving, increased stability & efficiency. HVDS will then specify air filters, air handling and air filtration options based on your survey and reports.

We will discuss bonded stock and PPM arrangements for site specific areas. A scheduled FUSION™ Service (PPM) is coordinated to include all requirements for audit compliance.

You will be given access to a fully traceable air filtration and air handling record and report system. This is kept on site with all backup supported by HVDS. Where subscribed to, HVDS open a gateway to the i-FUSION Data. This may include supplying the customer with Rugged Mobility Tablets where customer software or localised requirements dictate this.


Some of What FUSION™ Can Include

  • Fan & belt changes and checks
  • Air filtration service reports and records for audit compliance
  • Airflow mapping and air monitoring in addition to positive pressure testing
  • Photographic reporting and continuous air monitoring
  • Air handling system condition overview
  • Full site surveys of AHU/ARP & air filtration systems
  • Energy saving and better life air filter options
  • Air handling plant identification and labelling
  • Servicing of AHU, ventilation and extraction systems
  • Air filter replacement, including licensed waste disposal
  • Ductwork checks and ductwork cleaning

Value Added Benefits

1.  Allows maintenance engineers to focus on 'Value Added' maintenance.
2.   Increases staff productivity on scheduled and production tasks.
3.   Enables proactive air management services for effectiveness of engineering tasks.
4.   Provides focused and controllable resources.
5.   Maintains IAQ regardless of other maintenance tasks.
6.   Brings fixed costs to a previous flexible cost area of maintenance..
7.   Maintains control on consumable spending.
8.   Guarantees 100% audit compliance.
9. Eliminates disruption to production.
10. Promotes life-cycle chain sustainability.

Designed for Food Manufacturing & Processing Environments

Rather than working with multiple industries like other air handling product and service providers, HVDS focus solely on one. HVDS is the only air handling and air filtration product and service provider that is dedicated to the food industry.

The HVDS FUSION™ concept has been designed around serving the food manufacturing and food production industry. We have spent many hours working with food industry engineers and hygiene managers to ensure HVDS FUSION™ meets your needs.

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