Creating a More Even Air Distribution & Reducing Condensation

High Induction

Perforated metal ducting can be circular or semi-circular and it works by using a diffusion system called high induction. High induction is created when air flow passes through small holes in the duct, and then this mixes the air flow passing through the duct with the air currently present in the room.

Advantages of the system:

  • Homogeneity - thermodynamic characteristics ensure equal room-air distribution
  • High air mixing degree - this allows the hot air stratification phenomenon to be eliminated
  • Optimal hole measuring calculation using specially developed software
  • Maximum efficiency is guaranteed - this is tailored to every customer and their specific needs
  • Air speed conditions are a factor and in accordance with relevant laws (UNI 10339 - EN 13182)
  • It allows for analysis of thermal load declines of the air in the duct
  • It is quiet, limited condensation on the surface is produced, and has a fast installation time

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